With the daily active cases still in the four-figure mark, we guess we're resigned to the fact that the interstate travel ban is here to stay for a while.

Well, that's not exactly the case as the government is looking to change that.

Home for Raya?

The government is reportedly mulling the decision to allow interstate travel in conjunction with the Hari Raya celebrations, Bernama reported.

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin told the news portal that the government will study thoroughly whether to lift the ban, as well as to allow house visits, in conjunction with the Aidilfitri celebrations.

The first day of Hari Raya is expected to fall on 13 May this year.

On top of that, Muhyiddin added that the government will also decide if the Aidilfitri prayer, as well as the 'takbir raya', will be allowed during the period.

"Perhaps, after this, with the Aidilfitri coming, maybe we can allow the Aidilfitri prayer, as well as the ‘takbir raya’ and others, and after that visits to next door houses, but for inter-state travel to balik kampung, I cannot give the answer yet," he was quoted as saying.

Decisions, decisions.
The current interstate travel ban has been in place since December 2020, and special permission is needed from the police should you require to travel between state borders.

With the number of cases still exceeding the 1,000 mark -- and the COVID-19 infectivity rate slowly rising -- on a daily basis, reopening the state borders now could be a really risky move.

What do you guys think?