Sighting of wild animals including elephants aren't all that uncommon in Malaysia, especially along some highways such as the East-West Highway.

When you do see these animals, there are some do's and don'ts, which five people in a vehicle learned the hard way.

When an elephant attacks

The five were reportedly travelling along the East-West Highway near Gerik, when the car they were in was stomped on by a distressed elephant.

Lucky for them, they managed to exit the car and run to safety before hitching a ride form a passing car, according to a report by Malay Mail.

Here's a video of the unfortunate encounter:

According to the report, a driver in another car honked at the animal when he was passing by, and that startled the mammal, sending it into a panic.

In its frenzy, the elephant then stomped on the bonnet of the car the victims were traveling in.

Gerik District Police Chief superintendent Zulkifli Mahmood confirmed the incident, and thankfully, no casualties were reported.

Even the vehicle didn't suffer any major damages.

What not to do if you come across wild animals

Remember to just leave them be.
Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) Perak director Yusoff Shariff reportedly said that drivers who encounter wild animals on the road should just be patient.

One should always remain calm and don't provoke the animals. Don't use high beams or honk at the animal, as it could scare them.

Animals get into self-defence mode if they feel threatened, so don't go near them or disturb them in any way.

Remember guys; be patient, stay calm and let the animals pass before continuing your journey to ensure your safety, that of others and the animals.