If you work hard and put in your all to achieve something, miracles might happen.

This is proven in the case of a Universiti Malaysia Kelantan student.

25-year-old Hafizuddin Gos Hambali, who is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine, was initially envious of a Twitter user who received a new smartphone from her father by getting on the Dean’s list.

Malay Mail, quoting a report from mStar, said that Hafizuddin is also a top-performing student who’s placed on the Dean’s list four semesters in a row, but because he didn’t want to trouble his single father by asking for a phone, he could just look in envy as his fellow students get rewarded for their hard work.

A well deserved gift

A quiet, hardworking lad.
Hafizuddin told mStar that since he was young, he was thought by his parents to not demand for anything, even if he excelled in his studies.

“I was also aware that we were not well off.

“My father is a widow and he has to support three kids who are still studying. That’s why I never asked him to buy me a new phone,” he was quoted as saying.

Hafizuddin had been using the same phone since 2014, and it's beginning to show some wear and tear complications.

His story caught the eye of phone seller Muhammad Asyraf Ab Rahim, who couldn’t help but feel moved when Hafizuddin shared photos of his various academic achievements on Twitter.

The kind Muhammad Asyraf then gifted a new iPhone 7 to Hafizuddin for being hardworking and excelling in his studies.

“I was impressed by his achievements and I noticed that the phone Hafizuddin used was the same one that I had in 2014. To me, that was very nostalgic.

“I hope that with this gift, it will give him the motivation to continue pursuing his ambition and make his family proud,” he told mStar.

According to a tweet by Muhammad Asyraf, he invited Hafizuddin to his shop and presented him with his new phone.

A joyous Hafizuddin then took to Twitter to describe the incident as an “unforgettable moment”, and he even vowed to treat Muhammad Asyraf’s pet cats free-of-charge when he becomes a veterinarian one day.

Awww! How sweet is that?