With the government planning to lift the interstate travel ban any day now, many Malaysians are looking forward to packing their bags and heading back to their kampung to see their loved ones.

And yes, that also includes those who have yet to received their vaccinations.

Difficult task to enforce suggestions

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin on Thursday (7 October) admitted that the government will not be stopping anti-vaxxers from travelling interstate once the ban is lifted.

He told New Straits Times that the authorities have "no way" to limit their movements, or to enforce suggestions to make sure that they self-test before they balik kampung.

"We can't be mounting roadblocks and checking each one before they cross the borders. The public will be even angrier as there will be traffic on their way after waiting for so long to 'balik kampung'.

"It is impossible to check and we do not want to have too many SOP for interstate travel," he was quoted as saying.

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It is then up to them to be "sensible" when trying to travel interstate, Khairy added.

"But the SOP from the National Security Council (NSC) remains. If the anti-vaxx try to dine-in for example, they will still be flouting SOP and they will be compounded.

"The police will continue to enforce existing SOP, and the law will eventually catch up," he said, adding that it's going to be a difficult task to enforce mandatory COVID-19 testing before travelling interstate.

Malaysians need to be responsible

Defending the government, Khairy further said that the police will still continue to monitor for SOP compliance, but Malaysians will have their do their own part as well so that the number of cases will continue to decline even as interestate travels are allowed.

"As we move towards transitioning out of the pandemic, we have to be honest and responsible.

"We want to ease your journey home, and want to remind those that are unvaccinated that enforcement is still being carried out," he was quoted as saying.

This is the time that we need to prove that we Malaysians do deserve nice things. So, please do the right thing, yeah, guys?

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