Officials from the Ministry of Health have been warning us about this for ages, and it’s actually happening now.

The intensive care units (ICUs) at our public hospitals are reaching full capacity.

In Johor, an official confirmed that the public hospitals there are completely out of ICU space for COVID-19 cases.

Not enough ICU beds.

According to a report by Malay Mail, Johor Health and Environment Committee chairman R. Vidyananthan said that a total of 49 COVID-19 patients were being treated in six specialist hospital’s ICU units there.

The state only has the capacity for 43 COVID-19 patients for critical care, so technically, they are struggling with overcapacity now.

Vidyananthan added that out of the 49 patients in critical care, 39 of them needed ventilators.

Too many need ICU care

“The constraints to having additional COVID-19 beds is limited due to lack of human resources.

“At the same time, there is also a high number of critically ill non-COVID-19 patients who require ICU treatment at present,” said Vidyananthan.

Vidyananthan said that since 1 April, all 12 government hospitals in the state have been operating as hybrid COVID-19 hospitals.

This means that the facilities treat both COVID-19 patients and others.

Why? Well, it’s because the number of infections are increasing steadily in the state.

Infections on the rise.

The report detailed that since 3 May, the state has 53 active clusters.

A total of 19 are from industries, 15 from within communities, 11 from institutions, seven involving detainees and one imported cluster involving a ship’s crew.

It’s terrifying when statements like this are made, but it’s a reminder that we all need to remain cautious.

Wear your masks, sanitise regularly, follow the SOPs and try to refrain from going to crowded spaces.