Are you worried that your child is spending too much time on their phones or gadgets?

Well, maybe you can take a page from this new movement that's being implemented in Indonesia.

Chick it out

News agency AFP reported that students studying in elementary and junior high schools in the city of Bandung will be given four-day-old chicks as pets.

The objective of this move is to distract the kids from spending too much time with their gadgets.

The kids and their new friends.
The rules are simple: students must feed their new pets before and after school, and they can bring their little chicks home or keep them on school premises if they don’t have space at home.

Under the project, which was dubbed 'Chickenisation', a total of 2,000 chicks will be given away.

Bandung mayor Oded Muhammad Danial told the news agency that by giving them chicks, it would instill a sense of discipline in the students.

We're gonna name it Chickadee.
On top of that, he added that the project goes beyond keeping the kids away from their phones, as it is also part of a national plan launched by President Joko Widodo to broaden pupils’ education.

So, do you think it's high time to get pets for your kids?