If you've tried flying a drone, you know that it's not as easy as ABC.

You have to take into account the wind conditions, surrounding areas and try to keep it steady.

If you're flying a drone and attempting photography, it gets even harder.

So, for Johnson Lam, the photo that he captured with his drone is one in a million.

A beautiful shot.

A lucky shot

"It was actually the first time I used a drone to capture shots of lightning.

"I did not even realise that I got this shot until I reviewed the footage later," he said when speaking to Rojak Daily.

Johnson, who is a program director at Time.com, said that he loves photography and is obsessed with drones.

A photo enthusiast.

"I am also fascinated by lightning. The sheer power of it," he said, adding that for this particular shot, he used a DJI Mavic Air 2.

Johnson said that he posted the picture on his Facebook page and it just went viral!

"I'm humbled by all the positive comments," he said.

Words of advice

Johnson said that he has tried taking shots of lightning with his camera before but it was "not so cantik".

Another lightning shot.

For those interested in drone photography, here's Johnson's advice.

"When I took this photo, it was just after they announced the CMCO and I thought drone photography was allowed. The day after that, the government clarified that it was not.

"So don't attempt anything now. Once the CMCO is lifted, always remember to be safe and fly responsibly," he said.

Johnson added that the basic rules when flying a drone included respecting privacy, making sure you don't fly on top of people (in case the drone crashes), to never fly near airports or government offices and to never reveal personal details like a car number plate or a person standing at a balcony.

Soooooo, for all your drone enthusiasts. Sabar dulu ye.

Once the CMCO is lifted, go out there and try to taking some awesome shots of your own..