When you think of scarecrows, the first image that probably comes to your mind is the scrawny, stuffed stick figurines placed in paddy fields to scare off pests.

However, the Japanese’s version of a scarecrow is something totally different.

According to a report in AFP- Relaxnews, the scarecrow created by Japanese scientists is called ‘Monster Wolf’ and it's robotic!


The howling, red-eyed Monster Wolf is apparently used to chase away wild bears around the town of Takikawa as the bear attacks there have become more frequent.

The scariest scarecrow

The Monster Wolf robots have wolf-like bodies, fur and a rotating head.

It also has motion detectors and can emit up to 60 different sounds ranging from firearms to human noises and even wolf sounds.

The report said that since the Monster Wolf robots were added, no attacks have been reported in the area.

Trust the Japanese to come up with something as creative as this!