If it was us, we would've instantly said yes to Harvard, Yale or any Ivy League schools that come knocking.

But what if you were accepted to all eight Ivy League schools?

That was probably the reason why Malaysia-born Cassandra Hsiao took almost a month to make her choice.

And finally, she did.

The 17-year-old Hsiao announced on her Facebook page last Saturday that she will be attending - drumrolls, please! - Yale University. Sorry Harvard, you got rejected.

Hsiao said in the Facebook post that she would be pursuing a degree in arts majoring in theater at Yale, which is located in New Haven, Connecticut.

Despite being offered a spot in arguably one of the most prestigious colleges in the world, Harvard, Hsiao told The Star Online in a recent interview that she felt more at home at Yale.

“I visited the campus a couple of weeks ago. I really felt at home there and I was moved by the enthusiasm and passion that students have and I cried on campus out of happiness," she was quoted as saying.

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After getting her degree there, Hsiao told the news portal that she would either move home to Los Angeles or New York to start a career in arts.

Well, her decision to pursue a degree in arts probably didn't come as a surprise to anyone as she was a budding journalist who've interviewed some of the biggest names in the world such as Emma Watson, Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Evans to name a few.

The Captain's sidekick.
Heck, she even rapped a question to the cast of Moana during a press conference!

Hsiao, who was born in Johor Bahru before moving to the United States when she was five, made international headlines last month when news got out that she was accepted to all eight Ivy League universities - a first for Malaysians.

Well, no matter which college she chose to go to, we're pretty sure she's still going to kick some butts there.