No one can deny how much the pandemic accelerated our digital adoption. From the implementation QR codes to cashless transactions, practically almost everything can be done digitally now. Hence, it’s time for Malaysians to enhance our digital knowledge and grow in areas required by our demanding digital landscape.

Fortunately, aviation brand air asia joined arms with tech giant Google to create a new comprehensive online development centre, focusing on reskilling and upskilling participants in preparing them for highly contested areas in the digital job market.

The objective of this academy is to prepare the current workforce for the fast-changing digital sphere by working together with universities, Google Cloud and other organisations.

The academy was initially established to improve and cross-train their employees in areas such as machine learning, big data, software engineering and A.I but after realizing its effectiveness, the learning centre is now open to public.

Digital Marketing

There are a number of courses for one to take here. Let’s start with the Digital Marketing, an industry not many understand, but can be learned through such courses at the academy. This course allows you to learn the basics of digital marketing before exploring the more technical parts in its key areas.

You will learn digital marketing necessities like digital branding, SEO, SEM, social media marketing and content marketing - prepping you for companies in need of employees with such expertise.

Software Engineering

Next is the Software Engineering course, training you to be a full stack Web Developer (they’re incredibly in-demand right now). From coding to developing websites, web developers play a crucial role in a company’s growth so mastering the niche may be beneficial in your job search. In this course, you’ll be educated in software architecture, CSS, HTML, data structures, algorithm and learning the basic languages of programming.

Data Analytics

If you’re not into coding, you might want to try their Data Analytics programme. In the world where data may be more valuable than a lot of commodities, having knowledge to read, understand and interpret data will definitely propel you forward anywhere you go. Mastering data analytics empowers you to learn and execute efficiently based on whatever data you posses.

The Data Analytics programme will touch on everything Data 101 including the basics of data science, machine learning, digesting insights, data storytelling and data analysis using Python and R.

Other courses you can check out include cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, the fundamentals of digital and more.

Eager to upskill yourself and learn more about the programme? Check out this link.