The world is filled with strange and wonderful things. But sometimes, we will come across some stuff that we can't possibly explain like how someone transferred millions into your bank account and you didn't know about it.

When that happens, what do you do? Record a video and ask the Internet for help, of course!

That was what a woman from Southampton, England did over the weekend and little did she know, her discovery would send the entire Internet into a meltdown.

According to a report by UK's Daily Mail, the woman stumbled upon an alien-like creature crawling around her front porch and proceeded to whip out her phone and record a short clip, because what else could you do, right?

The 27-second clip shows a gigantic faceless maggot-like creature slowly but surely making its way around the woman's home, like it owned the darn place.

The most disturbing bit was not the size of the creature -- it was approximately five inches, according to the news report -- but it also possesses a freakin' rat's tail almost as long as the entire length of its body!

Live view of us right now.
Of course, the internet being the internet, the video clip went massively viral and Netizens soon took turns to identify the abomination:

While we would love to believe that it's some sort of alien lifeform, the creature is actually a rarely-seen, common and not-so-glamourous rat-tailed maggot, which is actually the larva of a drone fly.

These maggots are usually found in stagnant water and would crawl away from their breeding site to find a dry place to hatch and become this:

It was an ugly duckling.
Oh, the tail? As it turns out, the tail is not actually a tail: it's a breathing tube that the maggot uses to breathe underwater.

We do not know what business this slimy creature has underwater, but we're just glad that it doesn't have wings.