Ladies, how satisfied are you with your jobs? Are you feeling stressed out? Unappreciated? Under paid?

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In a recent survey conducted by recruitment firm Randstad, as reported by Malay Mail, apparently women in Malaysia, as well as Singapore and Hong Kong, are some of the unhappiest employees in the world.

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Results from the firm’s first quarter of 2017 survey found that an average of 41% of women in the three Asian countries admitted that they’re not happy with their current jobs.

On the other hand, job satisfaction among male employees is much higher compared to their female counterparts. To be exact, 60% of guys are happy with their jobs.

Why are they unhappy though?

The study did not list down the reasons for the unhappiness, but if a study conducted by JobStreet back in 2016 was any indication, these are the main reasons why Malaysian employees are not happy with their jobs:

So what are these women doing about it?

Ironically, the survey revealed that these female workers are also least likely to actually act on their dissatisfaction and start looking for new jobs.

According to the survey, only 36% of women in Malaysia admitted that they have begun job-hunting in hopes of finding a new and better workplace.

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So ladies (and gentlemen), if you’re not happy with your current work situation, do something about it!

You’re gonna spend the rest of your life working and you wouldn’t wanna be miserable doing it.