You're outside.

There's no one to your right. No one to your left and your nose is really really itchy under that mask.

You decide to remove it for a bit to cure the itch and just let your lower face breathe.

Facemask a must in public.
Suddenly, enforcement officials appear, and you're slapped with a fine for not wearing your mask.

Don't think it could happen?

Well, something similar actually happened to Malaysian actor Mustaqim Bahadon.

An expensive smoke break

Fined while on a smoke break.

According to a report by mStar, the 35-year-old was fined RM1,000 for removing his mask while he was alone at a motorcycle parking area just outside his barber shop in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur.

“In the afternoon, I asked a worker to cut my hair. While waiting for the worker to get his equipment ready, I went out for a while to smoke an e-cigarette at the motorbike parking area, which was right in front of the shop.

“Not even a minute later, the authorities came around and said that I had violated the standard operating procedure (SOP) because I wasn’t wearing a mask. They issued me a compound for RM1,000.

“At the time I was alone, there wasn’t anyone with me. I thought I could remove my mask for a while but apparently that was an offence, ” he told mStar.

The actor said that he accepted the fine though, as technically, he was not following the SOP set.

“I accept it with an open heart because I was wrong to remove my mask although there wasn’t anyone around.

“I don’t blame the authorities, ” he said.

A reminder to all

Wear your mask.
He added that this was reminder to everyone to follow the SOP strictly.

“I would like to remind everyone to wear their masks, don’t take it off if you are outside your home.

“RM1,000 is a lot of money. In this situation, a lot can be done with the money. Take it as a lesson, ” he said.

We personally feel like it was a harmless act (especially since there was no one else around and he did go out for a smoke break) but we guess rules are rules.

What do you think? Was the fine uncalled for?

Let us know in the comments.