Having trouble buying enough food for your pets during the lockdown?

If yes, you can raise a red flag in front of your homes.

Similar to the white flag project or #BenderaPutih movement in the country, the red flag movement was launched by the Malaysia Animal Association to help pets in need.

Pets are being abandoned

According to the association's president Arie Dwi Andika, the pandemic has brought about a surge in incidents of pet dumping.

“White flags are raised by whoever is in need so that neighbours and the community will come to the rescue.

“But what about those who are struggling to look after their pets due to financial constraints caused by the multiple lockdowns?” he told Malay Mail.

He said the dumped pets usually could not find food on their own and end up dying of starvation or even in road accidents.

Arie hoped that those who spot people who raise the flag come forward to offer help.

He added that although no one has raise the red flag to date, the organisation has been receiving pet food requests for their cats.

“In total, we’ve received about 11 requests from members of the public since last night but we are not in a situation to donate money nor food as we are only a non-profit organisation.

“We just hope that Malaysians will not dismiss the red flags outside people’s homes and offer to help feed their pets,” he said.

Animals deserve to be helped too. If you see a red flag, please help and if you are one of the people who needs help, contact the association.