The Movement Control Order (MCO) announcement following the spike in COVID-19 cases was made quite suddenly in March, but some companies stepped up to show that they cared about their customers soon after the news broke and have continued to do so.

According to market research firm,'s survey of 1,083 Malaysians in April, the names of ten companies reappeared many time throughout the survey, with five deserving of special mentions.

The list shows the efforts taken by the company before and after the survey was conducted, so we know that the companies didn't just do whatever they did for awhile before abandoning the efforts.

Here are some of the companies that made it to the list and their contribution.

1) Astro

What would we have done without all the shows and movies to keep us entertained when we were stuck at home? Since the beginning, Astro took proactive steps to help keep Malaysians entertained. What did they do?

2) Digi

Digi worked fast when MCO was announced and offered free data to its users and extra perks to it businesses using its services. Some of the initiatives by the company includes:

3) Celcom

Another telco company that showed initiative to help its customers during this difficult time by offering for data and extendion on bill payment period. Some of the initiatives by Celcom are:

4) Maxis

Looks like telco companies are domaniting this list. Maxis came up with the #kitasapotkita initiative to encourage Malaysians to help each other, on top of other perks given to its customers. Some of its initiatives are:

5) Dettol

Check out Dettol's page for more information like this
The company that is most popular for its antiseptic and cleaning products came up with a campaign to educate Malaysians on the truth and myths surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. What the company did:

Other companies that made it to the list were U Mobile, Unifi, Gardenia, Shopee and Grab. The five companies that recieved special mentions were Nestle, Watsons, Ayam Brand, McDonalds and Lifebuoy.

You can check out the full list and the contributions by these brands here.