When you are troubled, it is normal to prioritise yourself before even thinking of helping others.

However, a couple who are also doctors, have chosen to put people first despite having troubles of their own.

Dr Shalini Devi Ramachandran and Dr Yuveneswara Murti are among those who were affected by the recent disastrous floods that hit several parts of the country and left everything in shambles.

According to a report in The Vibes, the general practitioners have incurred losses of about RM850,000 after the flood damaged most of the medical equipment at the couple's clinic such as the X-ray, ultrasound and electrocardiogram (ECG) machines.

Offering a helping hand

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Despite that, the couple have set up a temporary mobile clinic at their ruined clinic site to offer free services to flood victims.

The couple who set up the mobile clinic on Dec 26, plan to operate it for about 20 days but the current batch of medical supplies is only expected to last for about five days.

Their's is the only mobile clinic operating in the area as another mobile clinic in the area run by the Ministry of Health ceased operations on Dec 26.

She said those who were injured in the floods or lost their existing medication have no choice but to turn to their mobile clinic for help as the victims’ cars were damaged by the floods and they couldn’t travel to other medical facilities for now.

Dr Shalini shared that currently, the mobile clinic is running on public donations and private organisations like the Penang Hindu Association and Klinik Derma Sivasanta.

Those who are keen to donate to the good cause can contact Shalini and her husband by sending a WhatsApp message to 010-764-8078.