If you see some rubbish or debris strewn on the highway while you are travelling, would you stop your vehicle to pick them up?

What's that? Ain’t nobody got time for that? Well, fortunately, not everyone is like us.

A man was recently captured on video picking up some debris on the North South Expressway, and he is now an internet hero.

Noble deed

Malay Mail reported that the video depicting the selfless act was shared on Twitter by MyWatch (Malaysian Crime Watch Task Force).

In the 42-second video, the man can be seen waiting on the emergency lane next to his motorcycle, before making a quick dash out to the expressway to pick up the debris.

Selfless act.
Because the debris, which appeared to be a lorry tyre, was left in between the middle and the fast lane, the motorcyclist had to slow down oncoming traffic by waving his hand.

He then dragged the debris back to the emergency lane to keep it away from endangering passing motorists.

In its caption, MyWatch praised the man for endangering his own life to save the lives of others:

The video has since been viewed more than 172,000 times and received over 9,700 likes, with many netizens praising the selfless young man:

This man deserves a medal, don't you guys think?