Most times, we forget to be thankful for what we have.

We complain duit tak cukup all the time without realising that most people get by with almost nothing.

An example of this came to light recently following a touching viral tweet by a primary school teacher from Ipoh.

An emotional encounter

Malay Mail reported that the teacher, Musyetaq, had posted on Twitter about a woman who came to him asking if she could pay for her child's fees in instalments.

"Is it ok for me to pay RM30 first Ustaz? The money I have is not enough to pay the whole amount. It should be fine right?" tweeted Musyetaq via his account @AbeMusytaq.

He went on to say that the woman explained that her husband was the sole breadwinner of the family, and they did not have enough to go around.

The woman then promised to try and pay the balance by the following month.

She offered RM30 first and promised to pay the rest later.

There are so many living a hard life

"There are many who have a tough life," said the Ipoh based teacher who added that her request brought him to tears.

In the Twitter thread that later went viral, Musyetaq also speaks about a grandfather who also had issues settling his grandchild's school fees.

The grandfather said that he would give what he could first as he was the sole person caring for the child and added that the parents had passed away.

The grandfather is the sole guardian of his grandchild and cannot afford to fork out money for the school fees.

His rantings caught the attention of many Twitter users who later asked for the bank account numbers of the families and banked in money to help them.

"I would like to thank internet users for their willingness to help. And to those who donated, half of the amount has been used to clear outstanding amounts owed by the mother and grandfather," he tweeted later.

The moral of the story people, be grateful for what you have!