As you've probably heard by now, Seremban was hit with a pretty bad flash flood recently.

Many unsuspected civilians were affected by the flash floods, with some being forced to leave their homes.

That prompted one man by the name of Suresh Kumar Naidu to gear up and help those affected by the flood.

They need your help

Do help out as much as you can.
Suresh was the brain behind the Seremban Flood Food Bank Project, which was founded to help those affected by the untimely natural disaster.

He told Malay Mail that the project works as a charity drive to help provide flood victims with daily essentials such as groceries and food.

“It is crucial to help the victims whose homes have been hit hard by the floods especially since a lot of their household items cannot be salvaged amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Amid a crisis, we must work together to assist those who are affected and assist in the humblest way we can,” he said.

He said the project needs funds as well as volunteers, as the Seremban Flood Food Bank Project is divided into three parts: food bank, soup kitchen and clothes donation.

“The food bank part is where anyone wishes to purchase food items for the victims through online platforms such as Tesco, Shopee, or even Lazada.

“For the soup kitchen, a team of five to 10 volunteers will be cooking meals using cash donations received and will distribute them to the victims once a week while a few volunteers will collect used and new clothes and distribute them to the victims,” he told Malay Mail.

If you got some change to spare or if you want to help out, you can get in touch with Suresh at 012-2592290.