Since the 80s, bullying has been a thorn in Malaysia’s school system. In the past decade alone, a significant number of brutal high-profile cases were reported, with a few having video evidence uploaded online.

The worrying amount of bully cases encouraged Andy Teh, actor and martial artist, to expand his MMA empire that was founded in 2006 as Elitez Taekwondo Club.

Now known as ELITEZ MMA, the gym offers 16 different types of classes with 8 different types of martial arts including boxing, Muaythai, Muaykiddoz (Muaythai for kids), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Capoeira, Judo, Taekwondo and more.

Speaking on the matter, Andy admitted that he was also once bullied during his school days. Thankfully he wasn’t physically hurt, but the mental impact affected his wellbeing.

‘I was bullied as well in school, although it wasn’t physical. Mental bullying is also a form of bullying’ said Andy. Such actions may instil fear in the minds of students, maybe even discourage them from coming to school.

When asked about teaching martial arts to youngsters with a risk of encouraging violence, he claimed that martial arts is ‘beyond physical discipline’.

‘Martial arts teaches you to be strong physically and mentally, in dealing with more than just punches and kicks, but also harmful words from keyboard warriors and verbal abusers. It’s a way of life'.

ELITEZ MMA is home to a number of martial arts practitioners, including Davron Kuronboez, an Uzbekistani martial artist who’s had his fair share of fight nights on an international level, not to mention Malaysian martial artists Carmen, Syukri, Jay Chong and more.

As of now, ELITEZ MMA is active at their dojo HQ in Setia Alam. But fret not, because Andy & Co. is planning to open up in more locations soon including Ampang and Mont Kiara.

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Speaking with Andy on martial arts, the actor also admitted that he’ll also be starring the next Mat Kilau movie. A prequel to the first film, the second instalment will not see director Shamsul Yusof and main protagonist Adi Putra returning in their respective roles. According to Andy, he’s unable to give out much information except the name of his character; Sachai.

Check out ELITEZ MMA gym here.