A local law firm landed itself in hot soup recently after a job advert that they put up looking for a new legal assistant went viral.

In the advert, the firm noted under the requirements section that the applicant must be "female only & good looking".

Upset, Facebook user Aidil Khalid shared a screenshot of the post on his page.

The advert.

"What kind of job advert is this? Requirement: "female only & good looking. Seriously? Are you looking for a legal assistant or a sugar baby?" he wrote on the post.

The law firm itself has removed the "controversial requirement" and apologised in an email reply to queries on the matter by Malay Mail.

"We wish to clarify that it was an honest mistake on our part wherein the said advertisement was published without the partner's approval.

"We have retracted the advertisement and we regret the mistake. Once again, we offer our apologies," a spokeman from the firm said.

Dodgy business

While we're still furious that someone actually thought it was appropriate to include such requirements, we're glad that the firm has come out and said that they are sorry.

The troubling thing is that since the matter went viral, several others have come forward via social media to share their own uncomfortable experiences with the same firm as well.

Dodgy behaviour.

One user said that she was interviewed by a partner from the firm a few years ago and was even asked if she could wear something sexier to the office.

According to the user, the partner, even offered to go shopping with her to get new clothes and continued to communicate with her inappropriately via Whatapp after the interview was done.

Another said that his wife was called for an interview at the firm and because of the way the interviewer choose to communicate, they thought it was a scam.

The invite (for the interview) was via an informal Whatapp text and calls were made at inappropriate timings.

One other potential employee said that she was called to attend the interview at a mall. She explained that the whole experience was quite uncomfortable.

We hope that those who have had issues with the firm will continue to come forward through whichever platform they feel comfortable using.

If you've had an experience with this firm or some other firm, you can also forward your concerns to the Bar Council or to the police.

The only way to stop inappapropriate behaviour among employers or companies that are sexist, racist, biased and the likes is to call them out.

No one wins when we remain silent.