During these difficult times, our men in blue has truly become unsung heroes.

Not only are they keeping us safe during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period, but they are also helping stray animals survive in this difficult time.

Puppy rescue

A video depicting an abang polis saving a stray puppy trapped in a monsoon drain next to a roadblock has been making its rounds on social media and it’s melting everyone’s hearts.

The Star Online reported that in the video, the unnamed abang polis can be seen climbing into a monsoon drain as he attempted to coax the terrified black puppy to come to him.

Abang polis to the rescue.
At first, the puppy was a little bit hesitant, but it later warmed up to the abang polis.

When he finally reached the puppy, the abang polis gently patted it on its head and carried it back to safety.

To make the scene more heartwarming, the puppy's parents were also present at the scene, anxiously waiting for their little one to be rescued and approaching the abang polis when he climbed out of the drain, wagging their tails.


The video was uploaded by Ezam Bin Ramli, and it has been viewed by hundreds and thousands of people, who mostly praised the abang polis for saving the terrified little puppy.

You are truly a wonderful being, sir! Thank you for saving the little puppy.