It's hard to believe that the first Proton X70 made its appearance in Malaysia in 2018, nearly 5 years ago and after a successful refresh with a new 1.5 TGDi engine in 2022, the newest and 6th variant of the X70 is here called the 1.5TGDi Premium X 2WD.

The six variants of the X70 are as below starting with the basic 1.5TGDi Standard 2WD all the way to the 1.8TGDi Premium 2WD:
VariantPrice without insurance (Peninsular Malaysia)
1.5TGDi Standard 2WDRM98,800
1.5TGDi Executive 2WDRM110,800
1.5TGDi Standard AWDRM116,800
1.5TGDi Premium 2WDRM123,800
1.5TGDi Premium X 2WDRM126,800
1.8TGDi Premium 2WDRM128,800

What's the difference with the 1.5TGDi Premium X 2WD?

Well, like the title says, you get a sunroof and the exclusive Quartz Black. You can't get the colour on any other variant and the sunroof comes as an upgrade to the existing premium.

Is a sunroof worth RM3,000? And is it more valuable to pay RM5,000 and go for a bigger engine with sunroof? People will say what's RM5000 when divided into a 5-year loan? RM36 per month only.

The difference in deposit? RM500 difference only. The satisfaction of driving a bigger, badder engine? Priceless. Well, okay fine, there's also maintenance, the bigger tyres, the higher amount of petrol, and other considerations, but we're just dramatising for effect here.

This also makes us realise how much phones are priced the same way as cars where you're always pushed to get the higher variant. When an iPhone 14 Plus is priced nearly as much as a 14 Pro, of course you'd get a pro, right?

Anyway, head to Proton, use their fancy loan calculator and figure out a way to squeeze in RM2k in between rental, insurance, food, childcare, and your ah long because the best-selling C-segment SUV in Malaysia just became an interesting proposition again.