We don't realise the important role of public toilets until the moment nature calls. Sometimes, we tend to hold it in as much as we can to avoid having to face the horror stories we hear about these toilets. But we can't do this all the time because when you gotta go, you gotta go.

To be honest, public toilets in Malaysia are not that bad. But they are nothing to shout about either, you know, when you compare them to the heated toilet seats and super high-tech bidets from the other part of the world.

Why are Japanese toilets so awesome?
That's about to change very soon.

The Transport Ministry is zooming in on the cleanliness at all transport hubs across Malaysia, especially the toilets.

This does not only apply to toilets and washrooms at airports, but train stations and bus terminals as well.

The ministry wants to ensure that they are properly maintained to five-star quality because a country's reputation is largely determined by its toilets!

Can you start picturing five-star washrooms? If this pulls off well, some of us may actually start doing our business there during our daily commute to work!

And obsess over them like cats do.
According to a Bernama report, Deputy Minister Datuk Ab Aziz Kaprawi wants all transport hubs in Malaysia to take KLIA's clean toilets and washrooms as example.

The airport's operator MAHB has been constantly improving the terminal's public facilities, even to the extent of penalising contractors who fail to adhere to the proper standards and working schedule.

Let's hope these plans come to fruition as soon as possible!