Are you a Chinese woman who is currently looking for a hawker seller to settle down with?

If you fit the criteria, we might just have the right candidate for you!

Yes, a 50-year-old popiah seller is looking for a wife in Penang and he has gained some attention online due to this.

The Star, quoting a report in China Press, mentioned that Tay Soon Teik, who sells popiah at Padang Brown, Datuk Keramat, has never been in a relationship before and wants to find someone he can spend the rest of his life with.

His only requirement for his future wife is she must be Chinese as it was his mother's request.

Tay said when he was younger, he went out for matchmaking dates but to no avail.

He thinks this is due to the fact that he was a hawker and come from a single-parent family.

Despite the perception that he thinks potential women have on him, Tay claimed that he is financially stable and he owned properties in Penang worth more than a million ringgit.

"I have several properties, including landed terrace houses and flats. I also have savings in my bank account," he said.

He also said due to the lack of financial problem, his future wife ‘will never live a life of hardship’.

"I hope to find a wife, and I also hope for someone to one day inherit my popiah stall," he said as quoted in the report.

He said if he couldn’t find a wife in two years, he will retire and let his sisters and their children inherit his properties.

His latest matrimonial advertisement on a Facebook Group last April 18 has received over 60 comments so far.

Let’s hope that he finds a wife real soon!