On Tuesday (29 May) evening, a local banana leaf rice chain went under fire for their horrific dishwashing methods following a viral video.

The 30-second video captured a bunch of employees from Raj's Banana Leaf restaurant cleaning dishes in a puddle of murky water on the road that is not a diluted version of teh tarik, kari ikan or kari ayam.

Ugh, why?!
Turns out that the incident took place at the restaurant's Bangsar outlet, which is normally quite packed with customers enjoying their banana leaf rice at any time of day.

The question is, have you eaten there?

We feel you.
Shortly after the video made the rounds on social media, the restaurant attempted to put out the fire with an official apology on their Facebook page.

The eatery claimed that something like this "has never happened before" and blamed it on their new staff.

They even tried to salvage the situation further by offering a free two-hour buka puasa event at this very outlet in Bangsar on 31 May.

But unfortunately, the damage has been done and Malaysians are not buying Raj's Banana Leaf's apology and explanation.

Since then, the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) health inspectors went to work immediately and shut down the premises today.

DBKL Health and Environment Department deputy director Chandrakant Patel told The Star that it is indefinite how long will this closure last.

The officials will need to review the restaurant's cleanliness and hygine until further notice.

Well, it's safe to say that there will be no free banana leaf rice for buka puasa here tomorrow lah.