While we are still reeling in shock over the death of Malaysia’s last Sumatran Rhino, Iman, we have more bad news.

An inventory by the Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) estimates that there are only about 40 to 50 Malayan tigers (Harimau Malaya) left in Perak.

Bernama, quoting State Education, Technology, Science and Environment Committee chairman Abdul Aziz Bari, said that the inventory also included endangered large mammals such as elephants and gaur (seladang).

The number of elephants left in the state is between 100 and 130, while the gaur's population is between 50 and 60, Abdul Aziz revealed.

There are less than 60 seladang left in Perak.
“The main habitats of these three endangered species are the Royal Belum and Temengor forest in Gerik and Piah forest reserve in Sungai Siput,” he said at the Perak State Legislative Assembly.

However, he added that Perak still has 12 species of large mammals with weight exceeding 20 kg, including elephant, gaur, Malayan tapir, Malayan tiger, sambar deer (rusa), sun bear, deer (kijang), serow (kambing gurun), black leopard (harimau kumbang), clouded leopard (harimau dahan), wild boar and the wild dog.

We are hoping that these remaining animals will be protected as much as possible!