When natural disasters strike, it's not uncommon to hear about break-ins or lootings as some bad apples would take advantage of the situation.

The Mydin store at Sri Muda in Shah Alam fell 'victim' to looters, as it was reported that desperate Malaysians broke into the store and carted away valuable items.

Despite that, the boss of Mydin chose to take the high ground during these tough times.

Taking advantage

A video showing Malaysians breaking in to the Mydin Mart branch in Sri Muda during the recent floods has gone viral on social media.

The looters took the opportunity to ransack the store, as some can be seen waddling in and out of the outlet with plastic bags and even trolleys full of food items.

Not only that, they were those who reportedly stole expensive watches and electrical appliances from the store.

According to a statement released by Mydin, the company suffered a loss of more than a million ringgit due to the break-in and looting.

Forgive and forget

Despite that, Mydin managing director Datuk Dr Ameer Ali Mydin decided to take the high road and forgive those who broke into their Sri Muda store.

Dr Ameer said that while he does not condone their act of stealing, he understood that a lot of Malaysians are desperate during a time of emergency, and they would probably have had no choice and forced to do so for their survival.

"Sincerely, I would like to absolve (menghalalkan) what they have done as they were merely trying to stay alive as aid had come in late,” he said in a statement.

He added that he sympatises with those affected by the floods, especially when the country was still struggling with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Thank you so much for your forgiveness, kind sir.

We do hope that Malaysians would stop taking advantage of the situation and breaking into shops during these difficult times.