There are plenty of bizarre videos on the internet: anything you can think of, it most probably exists.

The latest to join the playlist is a video that was shot in Indonesia, and let us get this out: we, too, have no idea what we just watched too.

A bizarre incident

The monkey rolled up to a group of children.
A 15-second video showing a monkey riding a scooter down an alley has been circulating on social media site over the weekend.

A scooter-riding monkey is a pretty bizarre sight itself, but what makes this clip more bizarre was the fact that the monkey can clearly be seen trying to drag a toddler away!

In the video, the monkey can be seen zooming down an alleyway before jumping off the scooter in front of a group of children.

The monkey then tried to drag the kid away.
Then, without warning, the monkey grabs a small child in an attempt to drag her away.

It loses its grip on the screaming child, but the monkey then turns back and starts dragging the frightened girl by her hand and her hair.

After getting pretty far with the child, an adult finally stepped in to chase the would-be kidnapper away.

You can check out the video below:

According to a report by TMZ, the video was supposedly shot by a man named Jasa Supanji in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Supanji reportedly told an Indonesian media that it is illegal to keep monkeys as pets in the country, but people are still doing it because, well, the consequences are basically non-existent.

Netizens are puzzled

The video clip has amassed more than 28 million views, and netizens have a lot of questions to ask after watching the video:

However, there are some netizens who claimed that there's a probability that the monkey was trained to abduct small children for trafficking:

Whatever it may be, we can confirm that monkeys can be really mean at times.

Stay away if you see one, OK? You definitely don't want a monkey to drag you back home and make you its maid.