Worried that it's taking too long for you to get your vaccination appointment?

Now, there's a new way for you to get your shot.

According to a report by The Star, employers in Selangor can now buy COVID-19 vaccines for their workers through the state government.

Those interested should register

Exco member in charge of public health Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud said employers who were interested could register for the initiative through the state's SELANGKAH application.

“SELANGKAH has opened registration to companies that are interested to get the vaccines for their workers, ’’ he said.

Registrations open.

Not much else was mentioned in the report but we looked through the process on SELangkah's app and it looks pretty simple.

Registering for the vaccine

If you're an employee within Selangor and are interested in purchasing vaccines for your staff, you'll first need to register with SELANGKAH.


Next, you'll be required to provide details of how many employees are under your company and then an invoice will be sent to you requiring you to provide a 50% deposit for the vaccine.


The balance payment is required to be made 14 days before the actual vaccination date.


Once the deposit has been processed, vaccination appointments will be set.


A task force will then head to your company (or the staff will be required to head to their panel clinic) to be vaccinated.


Once the second dose has been completed, a vaccine certificate will be provided and it can be accessed through the SELANGKAH mobile app or website.


Lots of questions

Unfortunately, no details were provided on the kind of vaccine that will be provided or the cost of the vaccine itself.

We're also quite concerned that there was no mention of syncing data with MySejahtera when we went read through the whole registration process.

According to the SELANGKAH app, the vaccination certificate would be available on SELANGKAH but we've all been using MySejahtera for all vaccine or COVID-19 related stuff.

Won't this mess with the existing system or data on MySejahtera? Perhaps it does sync but they did not mention it?

Anyways, while we welcome more people being vaccinated, we're also a little concerned as to why we need to purchase these vaccines.

Should it not be given out for free? Will this lead to only those who can afford it being vaccinated?

What do you think about this initiative? Yay or nay?