For some, doing volunteering or community work gives them fulfilment.

One person who finds satisfaction in doing such work is retiree Mary Lee Yok Bee.

Mary has spent the last four years dedicating her time to finding homes for strays.

β€œI started rescuing on my 60th birthday where I took home a mother dog with her six puppies,” she told Malay Mail.

Mary, 64, now services FurryKids Safehaven by not only taking care of the dogs but also helping to get funds for it.

Relocating due to flooding issues

If you guys remember, the shelter was highlighted in the news after many of the animals there drowned during a flood in November.

The shelter, which is in the midst of being relocated from Mambau to Kuala Sawah, currently has 1,800 dogs.

It needs RM350,000 to construct an office, adoption centre, a clinic, kennels for puppies and handicapped dogs, and a small house for the shelter manager.

Apart from that, Mary said the shelter also needs RM100,000 as its monthly operation cost.

β€œIt includes rental for the land, electricity and water, food and medical cost for the dogs,” she said, adding that the shelter employs 10 workers to look after the animals.

Do give a helping hand to the shelter by donating to Persatuan Penyelamat Haiwan Terbiar Furrykids Safehaven via CIMB Bank(Account number 8009081090) or PayPal: [email protected].