Soon, you can become a master of public transportation!

The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) is on a roll!

A day after announcing that they might be introducing tram services in Malaysia, they have revealed that they are currently working on a smartphone app to help you plan your daily commute like a boss.

The yet-to-be-named app will work like a journey planner, SPAD chief executive officer Azharuddin Mat Sah told The New Straits Times in a news report.

According to Azharuddin, the app will allow users to choose any mode of transport to get from Point A to Point B while displaying the estimated costs and expected journey time.

The app will also pull data from partners such public transportation operators such as KTMB and bus companies in real-time, making it easier for users to choose the best mode of transportation available at any time.

With the introduction of the app, Azharuddin hopes that it will encourage more people to use public transport.

At the moment, no release date has been set for the app, but Azharuddin expects it to be ready by the middle of the year.

Hey, if they can find a way to show real-time traffic jams, we're sold!