Here's a practice that we Malaysians somehow seem to forget: always respect others, no matter their age, race or even occupation.

This is what students of SK Luagan, located in Keningau, Sabah, are taught to do since they started going to school there.

Hence, the students have been greeting their teachers who wait for them at the front gate every day.

In fact, the students even extend their morning greetings to the school's security guard as they enter, all out of respect to those older than them.

A 40-second video clip captured by a parent showing the students’ daily routine of shaking the hand of their security guard was shared on the Sabah Edition Facebook page.

The video clip has since gone viral, having been viewed more than a thousand times since it was shared on 7 November.

Check the video out below:

Many netizens who viewed the video rained praises on the children and teachers, as well as their parents, for instilling such good manners and respect to others.

The school’s headmaster Junis Durulou @ Reddwan told The Star Online that they teach the students that it’s important to respect everyone, especially the elders, regardless of who they are.

"What's more special is that students will also give greetings to the security guard there even when there's no teacher around," he told the news portal.

Such a sweet, sweet gesture. Hopefully all the schools around Malaysia will follow SK Luagan's footsteps.