The Movement Control Order (MCO) has affected a lot things: people, businesses and even the leather goods in this local shopping mall:

However, we totally did not expect the COVID-19 pandemic to also effect the price of toilet papr.

Prices see a worldwide increase

Free Malaysia Today reported that Malaysia experienced the fifth largest price increase for toilet paper out of 90 countries.

According to a study done by financial platform, the prices of toilet rolls in Malaysia reportedly surged 32.26 per cent from US$1.55 (RM6.74) to US$2.05 (RM8.92) for four rolls.

That puts us in fifth place, behind Norway (67.53 per cent), Singapore (48.84 per cent), Cyprus (35.08 per cent) and Austria (33.85 per cent).

The survey, conducted over a four-week period from 25 March to 22 April, was based on user-contributed data from cost-of-living calculator Expatistan.

You can thank hoarders for that.
Overal,'s survey found that prices of toilet paper around the world experienced a jump of 3.37 per cent during the one-month period.

The survey also found that 57 per cent of all countries tracked by Expatistan saw an increase in prices, while 18 per cent saw no change and 26 per cent experienced a drop in prices.

The increase in toilet roll prices, according to, can be attributed to both supply and demand, as panic buying around the world drove up the prices.

Now that toilet paper is so expensive, try not to waste them, yeah?