Would you change your name just to get free meals?

Probably not right?

Doesn't seem like it's a huge issue with a number of Taiwanese people though.

According to a report by the Taipei Times, it all started when a Japanese restaurant chain in Taiwan offered free meals to anyone who's name is ‘salmon’.

The restaurant called Akindo Sushiro reportedly said that they would give away the free meals not only to the person who can proove that he or she carries the name ‘salmon’, but also to the person’s entire table.

Taking drastic measures

Additionally, the restaurant also offered those with at least one homophonic character a 10 per cent off meals.

The promotion lead a number of Taiwanese people changing their names to 'salmon'.

Call me Salmon, Salmon Ella.

All that's needed is a processing fee of NT$80 (RM11.60) and a new identification card and household registration certificate is provided.

We bet the restaurant never saw that coming.