Been seeing beautiful, clear skies from inside of your homes lately?

Wonderful isn't it?

Thanks to the Movement Control Order (MCO), Malaysians are experiencing clear skies and cleaner air.

This has been confirmed by Think City’s analytics department.

What a change!

Its maps produced using satellite spectrometry data show a dramatic fall in nitrogen dioxide levels in our skies, especially over Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, since March 18 when the MCO officially began.

Malay Mail reported that the nitrogen dioxide reduction could be attributed to less movement of people during the MCO.

The same around the world

Similar patterns have also been observed in China, Europe, and the US as major cities go into lockdown mode to put the brakes on COVID-19.

Think City programme director Matt Benson said that the positive environmental impact was an unintended consequence of Malaysia's MCO.

“As we are forced into hibernation, our cities are changing in ways we hadn't thought possible.

“Think City's mapping of changes in nitrogen dioxide between now and this time last year shows that as Malaysians move about less due to the MCO, there are reduced vehicle emissions.

“This is particularly evident along the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, which is where 20 million people reside,” said Think City programme director Matt Benson in a press release as reported by Malay Mail.

Too bad we can’t go out there and breathe in the cleaner air!