Malaysian students are making us proud again!

Three students under the Public Service Department (PSD) sponsorship programme have won the Class of 2020 Departmental Award at the Michigan State University in the United States.

The students are from the College of Natural Science's Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Department.

The three are Nurul Izzati Mohamed, Nurul 'Iffa Nazirah Taini Achim and Nuur Aqilah Izzati Othman.

Such an honour

According to Bernama, Nurul Izzati and Nurul 'Iffa Nazirah both received the Dietrich C. Bauer Scholarship Award (High Honour Distinction) while Nuur Aqilah Izzati received the Russel Duvall Endowed Scholarship Award (Research).

A wonderful achievement.
"A total of eight awards were contested, and three awards went to Malaysian students. The awards are based on academic excellence throughout the course and the quality and potential of the study conducted," said PSD in a statement.

Congratulations girls!