Last week was a pretty eventful week for two of our former Prime Ministers.

Najib Razak stood trial and was found guilty of seven charges pertaining his involvement in the 1MDB-SRC International scandal:

Then, later that week, another former premiere was in the news for not-so-good reasons.

Just a rumour

Rumours were flying around over the weekend claiming that Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's health was deteriorating and he was close to death's door.

However, those rumours were quickly put to rest by Pak Lah's special officer Datuk Jefridin Atan.

He's doing well, thanks.
"The Office of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi denies news that has gone viral about Tun's health," he said in a statement quoted by Bernama.

In fact, Kamaluddin Abdullah, the son of the 81-year-old former Prime Minister, even shared a picture of Pak Lah intently watching a the 2020 Formula 1 British GP on television on Sunday (2 August):

Intently watching the F1 on telly at home..... ?❤️ ??

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So, here's a gentle reminder to not simply believe the things you read on the internet and most importantly, do not share news that you can't properly verify.

Like this one, for example: