Instead of manually checking our website every day for the latest Malaysian news, you can now find Rojak Daily on Lumi News!

This is an app by Malaysians for Malaysians to access the latest breaking news and headlines reported by over 50 quality publishers such as New Straits Times, Free Malaysia Today, Berita Harian, Bernama, and of course, yours truly. *winks*.

This number is only growing as they hope to build a sustainable ecosystem with numerous publishers.

What’s Lumi News about?

Polyglots can rejoice because users can follow publishers in their preferred languages here instead of clogging up your phone with multiple apps. Plus, users can select topics and publishers they’re most interested in and receive notifications whenever something of interest trends - all in a fast, smooth app experience.

Although the app only launched last year, they have already hit 11,000 active installations with an average of 3,800 to 4,000 article views daily.

The Lumi team are people with backgrounds in tech, media, and design who are constantly working to address their audience’s pain points. Their idea is to empower their users to have more control over their news reading habits from day one, when they're able to customise their news feed.

Using the App

We downloaded Lumi News to try out for ourselves and we found it easy to navigate. No need to sakit kepala. The app allows users to customise their news feed instead of being bombarded with random news topics they’re disinterested in.

We found ourselves reaching out to check Lumi more than other apps because of its clean interface and how the headlines were well displayed with small logos of its source. We also liked how we could access news from other sources which are uhm, more ‘uncle’ and cooler websites like us (hehe), all under one roof.

Notable & Unique Features

Users can get notifications as soon as journalists break the news on a topic of interest. Notification selections include “Whenever something trends”, “Important news only” and “I want everything.

If you avoid the news because it stresses you to see the bad stuff that’s constantly going on, enable the “Good News” mode to turn the app’s home screen into a feed of the latest good news.

Best of all, if you find MySejahtera’s complex app hard to navigate, see an overview of Malaysia’s vaccination rates, vaccination goals, and COVID-19 statistics every day under their ‘COVID-19’ topic tab.

Lumi News Malaysia is the brain child of Judith Yeoh, founding member of SAYS, a social news site and former General Manager of the English Network at REV Media Group.

Lumi is also backed by angel investor and blockchain entrepreneur, Ong Teng Siong, and a group of prominent Malaysians in tech. He has helped to shape Lumi in its early days by using his tech guidance and past experience as a founding engineer of tech companies in Silicon Valley.

‘Lumi News Malaysia’ is available for free on Google Play Store and App Store.

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