Have you always wanted to overcome your fear of heights?

We're got a suggestion for you.

Why not try walking accross the longest pedestrian bridge in the world - once the borders open of course.

Pictures from the bridge in Portugal called Arouca 515 is beautiful but pretty scary.

Oh wow!

Don't look down.

A record-breaker


The bridge hangs on heavy steel cables strung between V-shaped concrete towers and runs 516 metres (1700 feet) across a canyon, at a height of 175 metres.

Arouca mayor Margarida Belem said that the bridge was opened to pull in tourists and that it was a “fundamental attraction” for the region.

According to AFP, Arouca 516 broke the record as the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world.

The title was previously held by the Charles Kuonen Bridge at Randa in the Swiss Alps since 2017.