If you haven’t seen it yet, photos of a skinny Asiatic lion in Zoo Negara with its ribcage visible, have been making its rounds on the social media.

The photos have enraged netizens who demanded an answer from Zoo Negara who has been asking and getting donations throughout the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

Gimme meat!
According to a report in Malay Mail, a Bernama reporter tweeted a video where she spoke to the zoo’s deputy president Rosly @ Rahmat Ahmat Lana regarding the lion’s condition.

In the video, Rosly explained that the lion got thin because the zookeepers had switched to feeding it chicken instead of meat due to food shortages during the MCO.

Chicken just does not cut it

The zookeper said that the 15-year-old male called Manja Kani, disliked the new menu and lost some weight as a result of not eating as heartily.

“(Manja Kani) was a bit fussy and it was difficult for us to get our meat supply during the MCO.

“It’s not that we cannot afford it, but there just wasn’t any supply that could come in.

“We fed the animals whatever meat we had and focused on giving chicken instead,” said Rosly adding that the lion is still in good health.

Netizens unhappy with explanation

This, however, did not sit down well with netizens.

Many questioned the fact that the zoo received millions of donations but still failed to feed meat to the lions.