After what seems like a century and a half, but in reality, it is just two months, the Sepang International Circuit has finally opened its doors after given the green light. Although the Conditional Movement Control Order relaxes its stance on certain things, there remain conditions that need complete compliance.

The Ministry of Health and the National Security Council has released guidelines for SIC to follow. Subsequently, SIC has distributed a newsletter detailing their new modus operandi on how events can be conducted until the MCO’s end.

On their part, SIC will be making sure the premises and facilities are kept clean and sanitised regularly. Guests will be required to register and have their body temperature checked at designated entrances. Anyone with a temperature of 37.5-degree Celsius will not be allowed into the premises. He or she will have to continue racing in Gran Turismo or Mario Kart Tour.

Guests are encouraged to socially — and physically — distance themselves from each other by one metre. They are also asked to sanitise their hands more frequently. Hand sanitisers are provided by SIC if guests have none.

The most drastic change implemented by SIC would be limiting the number of participants and crew to just 10 people for group events. Participants are required to contact their Account Manager or SIC Hotline to confirm appointments.

With the CMCO granting leeway for us motorsports enthusiast to conduct events, it is vital that we follow these guidelines and hopefully gets things back to normal. Some of us really do miss track days.