Horror movie buffs, if you’ve enjoyed the 'Conjuring' and 'Annabelle' movies, you’re in for a (horrifying) treat.

Entertainment Weekly reported that Malaysia-born director James Wan is currently working on the third 'Annabelle'!

The movie is set to creep onto the silver screens on 3 July 2019 and will, of course, tell the tale of the creepy haunted doll.

Nobody sane or insane would want to own this doll.
No word yet on what the storyline of the third installment would be like, but some have speculated that the timeline may be set either between the first 'Annabelle' movie and its prequel, which took place in 1967 and 1955 respectively.

The story could also be set in the future, around the 1970s when the porcelain possessed doll is locked away in the Warrens’ home.

All four movies in the 'Conjuring' universe have previously generated more than USD1.1 billion (RM4.33 billion) worldwide.

Just looking at this is giving us the creeps.
Another spin-off from the same universe titled 'The Nun', which looks like a movie that's going to scar you and your dreams for life, is set to hit Malaysian cinemas this 12 July.

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