While all of us are singing our financial woes away by belting out “I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad, buy all of the things I never had”, a real billionaire out there is living his life like us peasants.

And this billionaire is none other than critically-acclaimed actor Chow Yun Fat.

According to Oriental Daily, the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon star spends only HK$800 (RM424) a month!

Wow, even we spend twice to thrice more than that. But how?! Teach us master!

Young Chow Yun Fat giving the old, frugal Chow Yun Fat the thumbs up.
Apparently, the Hong Kong native is well known for his thrifty lifestyle and enjoys eating street food. We wonder how he goes out to eat without being swarmed by fans.

Chow also seems unfazed with the latest gadgets, and according to his wife Jasmine Tan, he has been using her old handphone for 17 years!

He will only change to a new phone once the old one stops working.

Chow Yun Fat and wife, Jasmine Tan
Wah, he’s the total opposite of Malaysians – every time Apple launches a new phone, we immediately want to get rid of our existing phone.

In case you’re wondering how rich Chow Yun Fat is, the man is estimated to be worth HK$5.6 billion (RM2.97billion).

The actor is also very humble as he is often spotted on public transportations wearing old clothes.

“Clothing was not something to show off and anything is good as long as I feel comfortable in it.”

We tip our hats to you, sir; your discipline and perseverance in saving money is highly admirable.

Now, if only we can follow suit…