How many times have you been to cinema to catch a highly anticipated horror movie but left totally unsatisfied?

We know, it happens most of the times, especially when it comes to hantu movies.

However, this local production house is so certain that their latest horror movie will be so scary, they're willing to give you your money back.

Don't like it? Take your money back

Money-back if it's not scary.
Malay Mail
reported that local production house Kuman Pictures is offering moviegoers a money-back guarantee to those who catch their horror movie called ‘Roh’ in cinemas.

However, do keep in mind that the money-back guarantee is only if you are not happy with the movie, and it is only limited to a maximum of four tickets.

The money-back guarantee is also only applicable to tickets purchased on the opening day of the movie, which is Thursday (6 August).

JAMINAN WANG DIKEMBALIKAN UNTUK FILEM "ROH" Tonton #filemROH di hari pembukaan (6 Ogos) di mana-mana pawagam. Jika puas, sebarkan cintanya! Jika tak puas, kami akan pulangkan wang anda. Pos tiket (maksimum 4) dan butir bank anda ke Kuman Pictures Sdn Bhd, Suite #109, MBE Taman Desa, 57A Faber Plaza, Jalan Desa Bakti, Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur. Kami akan bank-in ke akaun anda. * Kami perlu terima tiket selewatnya 20 Ogos. * Hanya untuk tiket 6 Ogos. (Kaedah ini telah kami gunakan untuk filem pertama kami #TwoSistersMovie tahun lepas)

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Kuman Pictures founder Amir Muhammad told Malay Mail that this is not the first time that the production house offered money-back guarantee for their movies, as they did the same for the release of ‘Two Sisters’.

Their latest movie, 'Roh', is Malaysian visual effect artist and director Emir Ezwan's debut film.

'Roh', starring Namron, June Lojong and Farah Ahmad, tells the story of a family's fight for survival after a vengeful forest spirit threatens to rip their souls away.

Hey, if the production house is so confident their movie will do well, why not go and 'challenge' them, guys?