Critically-acclaimed Malaysian short film ‘SOEURS’ is making its way to the 26th Buncheon International Fantastic Film Festival in South Korea.

Directed by up and coming filmmaker Yazeid Suhaimi, the film tells the story of two sisters seeking revenge for the murder of their sibling. Unbeknownst to them, the road of vengeance opens up more questions and answers - forcing them to rethink their approach.

Starring actor and supermodels Nia Atasha, Annees Sofea and Sky Iskandar, SOEURS also features a stellar line of upcoming creatives including Matthew Chow, Irfan Al-Jufri, Vevainedra, Putri Purnama Sugua, Arif Syafzan and Arif Akmal. Even the poster was collaboration effort between visual artists Amani Azlin and Najmi Arifin.

Speaking to Pravin Nair for MULAZINE, Yazeid mentions that this film was in the works since 2019, but it’s not until his visit to the Busan Film Festival that he felt the nudge to just ‘go for it’.

However, Yazeid is no stranger to international limelight. In 2018, Yazeid was chosen by FINAS to represent Malaysia in ASEAN-ROK Film Leaders Incubator: FLY2018 under Busan Film Commission and Asian Film Archive. SOEURS may just open the right doors for him to continue his motion picture adventure, and hopefully one day on the big screen.

It’s currently unclear if the film will be shown here again beyond its preview session, but we will keep on the look out for possible screenings in the near future. For now, we’d just like to congratulate Yazeid for the achievement!

All photos by Amani Azlin
Photos from MULAZINE's exclusive interview with Yazeid Suhaimi