M’sian Blockbuster ‘Sheriff Narko Integriti’ Now Available on Astro First Through Astro & Sooka Following Huge Demand

Iqmal Hakem
07:42 MYT
Following the huge success of this year’s number one blockbuster film, ‘Sheriff’, Astro is making it available to all Malaysians through Astro First on Astro and on your device of choice through sooka.
What's even more exciting is that the whole family can watch Sheriff for the price of one. Starting today, Astro customers can enjoy 'Sheriff' for only RM16.20 on the Astro platform, while beginning June 24 all Malaysians can watch it on the streaming platform sooka for RM19.50, with unlimited viewing within 48 hours, anywhere and anytime.
According to Executive Producer Sheriff and Head of Astro Shaw, Raja Jastina Raja Arshad, "Sheriff has achieved remarkable success by leaving an impact on local audiences and penetrating cinemas in foreign countries such as Hong Kong and ASEAN countries. After dominating cinemas for two months, we are bringing the Sheriff film to the Astro platform."
"Furthermore, it is not limited to Astro customers only, but all local film audiences and fans can watch Sheriff on the streaming platform sooka without any contract or commitment. This is the first time Astro First can be subscribed to through sooka, and this initiative is in line with efforts to bring quality content to all Malaysian audiences without limitations," she added.
Sheriff had received positive reactions from audiences from various backgrounds. Sheriff has garnered 61 million social media reach across Astro platforms through the #Sheriff hashtag. Sheriff stars actors Zul Ariffin, Syafiq Kyle, Dato Aaron Aziz, Azira Shafinaz, Elizabeth Tan, Sharuddin Tamby, Amir Nafis, Kodi Rasheed, Hazama, Azri Iskandar, and many others.
In addition to Sheriff, three other films can be subscribed to on sooka through Astro First. These include "19 Puasa: Playboys Of Plestik Hitam," "Gemencheh Boys," and the Japanese anime film "Lonely Castle In The Mirror," starting June 24.
Don’t forget to watch the best action film of 2024 now on the Astro First platform and on sooka on June 24. To purchase Astro First on Astro platform, please visit here. Meanwhile, Download sooka from the Apple Store or Google Play Store (for mobile app) and Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, & Google/Android TV (version 8 and above) for Smart TVs. For more information on sooka, please visit here.
Follow the latest developments and information about Sheriff on Astro First's social media accounts, such as Instagram and Facebook.
Featured Image Credit: Astro Shaw
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