If you’re a Netflix addict and have been pulling countless all-nighters just to finish a season of your favourite show, we totally get you.

With thousands of selections, how can you stop watching at only one episode or a movie? It's impossible!

So, it’s safe to say that the price tag of RM42 or RM51 you’re paying monthly is totally worth it.

And if you’re still oblivious to what Netflix is all about, or what’s so great about it, the company is offering a very tempting offer for you to get on the Netflix-binging side.

Be warned, Netflix can be VERY addictive!
Netflix has recently introduced a very pocket-friendly plan for only RM17 monthly!

But, you can only stream on one mobile device such as your phone or tablet and it’s only available in standard definition (SD). Sorry, no HD.

A bit restrictive, but hey, at least it’s good for those who don’t own a TV but still likes to watch their favourite shows on the go.

The new pricing is part of Netflix’s plan to test lower priced subscriptions to appeal more to the Asian market.

Well, Netflix virgins, what are you waiting for? Kick of your one-month free subscription to get on the RM17 plan. Click here to subscribe.