Cake is a wonderful dessert that has transcended through the ages and has become a symbolic treat to celebrate multiple occasions in life. We can’t imagine a world without cakes, because who doesn’t love cakes anyway?!

When you find out you're going to eat cake.
Hundreds of thousands of people around the world probably smile to every bite of cake every minute each day.

Which is probably why CNN has recently come up with a list of the best cakes in the world to celebrate this delectable dessert.

Some of you may have known this by now, that our beloved pandan cake managed to make it to the list!

We know how awesome the pandan cake is; light, airy, moist, and uniquely sweet. Each bite feels like you’re on cloud nine – literally, due to the chiffony texture of the cake.

CNN describes the cake made with pandan leaves: “When married (with the pandan leaves) to fluffy-yet-moist chiffon cake, it's a revelation.”

The brown part, is the best part!
Among other sinful pastries that made the list were the lapis cake (Indonesia), madeleines (France), dorayaki (Japan), tiramisu (Italy), and pavlova (New Zealand).

There were a total of 17 cakes that were shortlisted.

However, there was one issue when they crowned pandan cake as one of the best cakes in the world – the judges couldn’t decide whether the dessert belonged to Malaysia or Singapore. This ignited an old rivalry between two neighbours.

You forgot to edit out the word 'Singapore', CNN.
As Malaysians, you can say anything you want about our country, but when it comes to food, of course we’ll be in auto-defense mode.

So judges, obviously the pandan cake belongs to us! Historically, Singapore was once a part of Malaysia, so of course they could’ve gotten the recipe and learnt a few things about pandan cake long before they got a divorce from us, right?

What do you think of this? Does the pandan cake belong to us or our fellow neighbour? Share your thoughts in the comments section.