Chinese New Year is just a few days away and everyone is either eagerly anticipating to pig out and eat the delectable spread that comes every once a year, or too focused on calculating how much angpow collection they’ll make this year. For us singletons who have reached their mid-20s or beyond, Chinese New Year gatherings can be a mix between somewhat enjoyable and daunting.

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Annoying questions from nosy relatives ranging from “When will you get married?” to “How much do you earn per month?” start raining in the moment they see you. Oh, how you wish you were 10 years younger so that all they can ask is “How are you doing in school?” Well, fret not, because some prihatin Malaysians actually stepped up to offer a boyfriend rental service!

Yesterday, local brand, Pestle Mortar Clothing uploaded a whole album or catalogue of its staff members, who are ready to be rented out for those awkward reunions. Their Rent-A-Date rates are quite reasonable ranging from RM88/hour for 10am – 5pm to RM169 for 6pm – 9pm. They’re even quite flexible – you can rent them beyond 9pm although that is with the discretion of the model.
Since everyone’s taste in their dream date can be subjective, the brand has prepared a highly diverse catalogue consisting of all races and genders. In short, it’s a very 1Malaysia catalogue lah.

Out of the 22 candidates listed, one stood out the most. It’s 22-year-old self-proclaimed Zayn Malik/Dev Patel look alike, Harish Pal Singh. His profile has over 100 likes and over 20 interested suitors! One guy even jokingly commented “(RM)100,000 for this lad.”
If the description of “tall, dark, and mysterious” fits your bill, then this guy is definitely for you. Not much other information can be obtained about him though, although his mysterious vibe will work in your favour and keep your kaypoh relatives busy and out of your way for a while. They'll be trying to pick personal information out of him the whole day!
Need someone that’ll definitely impress your high-standard aunts and uncles? Meet Celine Wan, a 23-year old lass, who will “Wow your parents and aunties and uncles because apparently they love Law graduates who graduated from the UK.” Based on her profile, she has good communication skills and is able to interact with children from ages zero to 99 years old. So, you’ll never have to be afraid of awkward moments as she’ll be able to hit it off with your family members.
Pestle Mortar Clothing isn’t the only one who’s providing such service. If you do a little bit of research, you’ll be able to find a handful of people willing to do the job... such as this guy, who went viral on Facebook.
So, have you secured yourself a rented boyfriend/girlfriend this CNY?